Drywall Equipment

Drywall and Texturing

Our drywall and texturing equipment includes a sheetrock jack, drywall sander and vacuum, and a graco texturing machine. 

  • Sheetrock jack (11′ working height)
  • Drywall sander and vacuum
  • Graco texturing machine

Sheetrock Jack

  • 11′ working height
  • Easy to transport 
  • Works with 8′ or 12′ sheetrock 

Graco Texture Sprayer

The Graco texture sprayer is ideally used for: interior, residential refinish, small new construction and light commercial jobs.

  • Orange peel, fine splatter, knockdown, splatter, simulated acoustics, popcorn
  • Clean-up in minutes
  • Easy to use and transport
  • perfect for small or large jobs

Porter-Cable Sander

The Porter-Cable drywall Sander with dust collection finishes walls and ceilings 3-4 times faster than conventional methods. The operator can sand 10′ ceilings without using stilts or a scaffold, and the articulating sanding head enables the operator to sand from top to bottom of a wall or ceiling without changing positions. 

  • Lightweight, easy to handle 
  • Variable-speed dial (1400-2000 RPM)
  • built in dust collection hose
  • 1 1/4-in vacuum hose is 13′ long so that large areas can be sanded in one set up